A Tuscan Lady - Vaction Rental And Art Gallery

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The Craftsmanship And Artwork
Of "A Tuscan Lady"

"A Tuscan Lady " was given a life by just naming it. The name led Darla on a quest to find materials and create artwork to reflect an atmospheric Italian retreat. Using found objects and giving them a place to show themselves off a little bit created Old World European Charm. It all happened bit by it, working on it every day, as Darla is still doing.

It’s hard to believe that the spectacular workmanship evident everywhere in the construction of the Villa and the Casa was done using salvaged building materials. Darla designed the buildings and gardens and was involved in all the work.

Darla is an artist and she feels A Tuscan Lady is her artist’s pallet. Some of the special materials used in the construction of the Villa include:

  • One hundred year old hand crafted windows from the demolition of the old Italian Consulate in Seattle.
  • Beautiful wood trim from salvage yards in Seattle.
  • Solid cherry cabinets that had been removed from a house on Whidbey.
  • An antique cinder box that was turned upside down and placed under a salvaged piece of granite to serve as a fireplace mantel.
  • A stove hood that is a salvaged grain hopper
  • 100 year old leaded glass windows from England

All the walls are washed with color to replicate the Italian look. Darla did all of the paintings and the mural work and even painted the lampshades. She created handmade art tiles to decorate the area around the bathtub. She sewed all of the draperies.

She points out that everything in the Casa - the wood trims, the curtains, clock, bookcases, and lampshades - were previously used or from used materials. Even the floor that looks like lovely hardwood is plywood that was grooved and stained.

Darla also turned her energy on creating a special garden. She did all of the stonework, including a pond, a courtyard and rock borders and foundations. The wrought iron pieces throughout the garden were all salvaged. There are two gazebos made from 10-foot satellite dishes, one covered with shingles and one painted to look like copper.

Exploring Darla's website thru the galleries of pictures will give you a sense of the artistic nature that is Darla's passion displayed.